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amazon com the rigveda 3 volume set south asia research - the rigveda is the oldest sanskrit text consisting of over one thousand hymns dedicated to various divinities of the vedic tradition orally composed and orally transmitted for several millennia the hymns display remarkable poetic complexity and religious sophistication, indo aryan migration wikipedia - indo aryan migration models discuss scenarios around the theory of an origin from outside the indian subcontinent of indo aryan peoples an ascribed ethnolinguistic group that spoke indo aryan languages the predominant languages of north india proponents of indo aryan origin outside of the indian subcontinent generally consider migrations into the region and anatolia ancient mitanni from, a genetic chronology for the indian subcontinent points to - india is a patchwork of tribal and non tribal populations that speak many different languages from various language families indo european spoken across northern and central india and also in pakistan and bangladesh has been frequently connected to the so called indo aryan invasions from central asia 3 5 ka and the establishment of the caste system but the extent of immigration at