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greek civil war wikipedia - greek civil war part of aftermath of world war ii and the cold war, red acropolis black terror the greek civil war and the - red acropolis black terror the greek civil war and the origins of the soviet american rivalry 1943 1949 andre gerolymatos on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers div from 1944 to 1949 tens of thousands of greek soldiers and guerrillas fought and slaughtered each other and thousands of innocents in a civil war of unrelenting, amazon com the greek civil war essays on a conflict of - half a century after the civil war which tore apart greek society in the 1940s the essays in this volume look back to examine the crisis they combine the approaches of political and international history with the latest research into the social economic religious cultural ideological and, angolan civil war wikipedia - the angolan civil war portuguese guerra civil angolana was a major civil conflict in angola beginning in 1975 and continuing with some interludes until 2002 the war began immediately after angola became independent from portugal in november 1975, the ottoman sultans of turkey successors in romania - the ottoman sult ns and caliphs 1290 1924 ad v the fifth empire ottomans islamic byzantium 1453 1922 era of diocletian 1170 1639 469 years, ancient greek civilization historical region eurasia - ancient greek civilization ancient greek civilization the period following mycenaean civilization which ended about 1200 bce to the death of alexander the great in 323 bce