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emissions recall due to problem with swirl shutter valve - mazda mazda6 emissions recall due to problem with swirl shutter valve 14 reports learn about this problem why it occurs and how to fix it, 2tg 2t geu and 3tg engine parts toyheadauto com toyota - 2tg high performance racing header for right hand drive cars only this header s special characteristics are in the design and calculations of the piping length and collector to bring out the best in the 2tg motor, what that service engine soon or check engine scary - another plug obdii shorthand list afc air flow control aldl assembly line diagnostic link former name for gm only data link connector the connector socket into which the scan tool plug is inserted sometimes used to refer to any pre obdii computer signals you access these usually by shorting 2 terminals on a diagnostic connector which is sometimes inside the car sometimes under, tech engine k series how to build a tough k motor rollaclub - how to build a tough k motor by jamie in one paragraph don t spend heaps of money it s just a crappy old k motor balance everything if you can afford it, used toyota avanza parts - pre owned replacement spare parts for toyota automobiles can be a very smart and economical choice especially for older cars pre owned spare parts are sold and exchanged at quite a few venues that include car service garages online stores and various other places as there are a wide range of individuals with vehicles manufactured by toyota that replace replacement parts frequently, hummer h3 repair service and maintenance cost - the annual maintenance cost of a hummer h3 is 621 repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age mileage location and shop, chevy equinox transmission problems transmission - 249 responses to chevy equinox transmission problems 1 todd evans says august 20th 2011 at 1 41 pm purchased 2011 equinox 6 weeks ago and has been in shop almost 3 weeks of that time, p0420 dtc code catalyst system efficiency below - welcome to p0420 com the place dedicated to that dtc diagnostic trouble code p0420 the p0420 code is a very popular one and that s why there s a site dedicated to that specific trouble code, download nissan repair manual - keywords download nissan yd22ddti diesel engine factory workshop and repair manual on pdf can be viewed using free pdf reader like adobe or foxit or nitro, blown head gasket h g replacement thread tacoma world - i am aware that there is a manual about the proper steps to removing a head gasket and replacing it but i once watched a toyota mechanic replace my 22r head gasket on his driveway in a little over an hour, car halfcut shop for second hand parts kedai potong - car halfcut shop for second hand parts kedai potong ok guys today lets see what they usually have in the half cut shop kedai potong a few picture snapped for your general view this is one of the halfcut, toyota cars parts and spares for old toyotas - listed below are all the adverts placed for toyotas within the modern car parts section on occ pulling together ads that have been placed on the existing specific toyota model pages to view any of these ads in full or add your own advert simply visit the relevant model page on there you ll find all the ads for that particular model in greater detail and also details on how to place your, dear car talk s blog posts car talk - car talk from npr car advice tips troubleshooting and answers to your car questions find a mechanic hear past shows play the puzzler join our discussion boards and learn safe driving tips, mazda 6 and ford fusion 2 3l engine swap happy wrenching - i had a question im doing the engine swap as well im putting a 2008 fusion engine 2 3 into my 2005 mazda 6 i know i have to change the intake cam but i noticed that the intake cam sprockets are different as well the fuzion one has the teeth a little more spread apart then the mazda one do i put the fuzion intake cam sprocket on the mazda shaft or do i leave it how it is and put the mazda, cars vehicles questions including do the older backless - cars vehicles questions including do the older backless car seats or boosters that have a portion that comes across the front of the child and holds the seat belt meet safety regulations and, poor first gear selection manual gearbox problem w639 - the problem i had as do many it seems is that from a standing start engine running first gear is hard to select and on some occasions requires some extreme force to shift the lever into position 1, mercedes diesel injector seal replacement notes - in a recent mercedes sprinter engine replacement used engine fitment it was noticed at the time of purchase that there was an issue with no 2 injector seal leaking, what are some problems that occur with this car cargurus - is there a problem that occurs with the engine at about 125 000 miles or more what are some common problems that occur with this car i m lookin into buting one with 125 423 miles on it and it would help to know a little about the problems that might occur with it, subaru head gaskets explained all wheel drive auto - a new purchase 04 forester had the left side head gasket replaced at 44 000 miles in 03 2009 under warranty the coolant reservoir started to foam at 70 294 miles 11 2010 subaru dealer stated problem was a bad radiator cap, automotive history the ford fe series v8 engine - as the 1950s unfolded it quickly became apparent that longer lower and wider was the prevailing design methodology to power the automobiles that were steadily becoming heavier due to this philosophy larger displacement engines generating ever more power become crucial to stay competitive, automotive history the 20 mpg 400 cubic inch 1967 olds - image oldsmobility com first posted 11 17 2011 several commenters referred to this yesterday so let s trot it out of the cc garage one more time it may seem like during the late sixties detroit s power train engineers were all just focused on ever higher maximum performance and had given up any interest in fuel economy, are german cars reliable the myth of german engineering - there are a lot of car stereotypes out there like that toyota builds dull appliances while true on many fronts the japanese automaker does also make exciting sporty cars like the scion fr s, marketplace sold cars www - sold via this website the rare offering of a car which has been part of the history of australian motor sport owned and campaigned by keith jones helping to set the benchmark for automotive endurance events and with great accomplishments such as the 1953 redex 1970 ampol trial and the 1979 repco trial this car is a collectors dream